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Welcome to Green Gardens Fencing, we are experienced fence installers offering a wide variety of fence installations to domestic and commercial customers. Whether your project is a small repair or a complete boundary fence, please contact our friendly staff for a free site survey and free no obligation quotation. We always use the best materials to give you, the customer, the best possible fence. Below are some of the most popular fencing services we provide, but please contact us if you would like something a bit different.

Fencing Repair

Green Gardens can repair your fence from fixing wobbly posts to replacing rotting panels. The most common repair required is for timber posts that have gone ‘wobbly’. Timber posts tend to rot at ground level, they then go wobbly! This needs to be fixed at first sight to save the fence from falling down completely and incurring much higher costs for the repair. The best way to repair a wobbly timber post is to install a concrete post repair spur – please see the picture. This is concreted into the ground at the base of the timber post and bolted to the bottom of the timber post. This secures the timber post for many years as the concrete will not rot and saves the fence

Fence Types

Panel Fencing:

Panel fencing is an ideal garden fence, it provides privacy and security. Panel fencing is erected with either timber or concrete posts which are concreted into the ground. Concrete posts last a lot longer than the timber posts but are slightly more expensive. We also recommend a gravel board; this sits under each fence panel and lifts it off the ground by six inches, protecting it from rotting. Below are some of the more popular panels.

Custom Built Featheredge Fencing:

This is a very popular fence for boundaries. It is of the same style as the featheredge panels and therefore provides the same excellent strength. This fence can be erected with concrete or timber posts, and is built on site. The panels can be built in widths from six feet to ten feet and the height of the fence can be from three feet plus. This fence is well suited for sloping ground because the fence can be built to follow the contours of the ground, whereas panels have to be erected level. Trellis can also be easily installed to the top of this fence.

Lapped/Overlap Fence Panels

These are the basic fence panels on the market; they are a good product for boundaries between and around gardens. The lapped fence panel can be erected with timber or concrete posts, and we recommend a gravel board is also installed – this raises the panel off the ground to protect it from rotting. Gravel boards come in concrete and timber. These panels are six feet in length and come in heights from three feet to six feet.


Fence Panels

heavy duty fence panels, much stronger than the lapped panels. Suitable for many domestic applications, closeboard panels give privacy and security at a modest cost. These fence panels are a very popular type of screen fence often used in rear or back gardens or around parks and other outside spaces.

Continental Panels

These are prestige panels which are also very strong. They come in a range of different designs ranging from three feet to six feet in height. The panels have the same design on both sides so can therefore be appreciated on both sides of the fence. These panels are more expensive than the conventional panels above, but they can finish off a garden and give it the look you are after. These panels can be installed with timber or concrete posts.

Security Fencing

Security fencing comes in a range of different styles, colours and heights, the main types of security fencing are constructed with metal. Security fencing is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to keep their premises safe and intruders out! The fence is virtually impossible to climb. The fencing is easily erected over sloped or uneven ground and we can incorporate gates into the fence.

Chainlink Fencing

Chainlink fencing is mainly used for boundaries; it provides a strong and long lasting fence and can also be very secure with barb wire attached to the top of the fence. Chainlink can be installed using metal, concrete or timber posts. It is ideal for securing a boundary but without losing the view through the boundary. It can be used at schools and children’s nurseries, also with livestock.

Picket/Palisade Fencing

This fencing is ideally used as a low level decorative fence, three to four feet in height, although it can be installed up to six feet in height. We would install this fence with timber posts so it all blends in together nicely. Gates can also be incorporated in with a picket fence. The top of the fence can be round top or pointed. Picket fencing is a good product for a front garden boundary and it can be painted in various different colours.

Stock/Deer Fencing

Stock and deer fencing is wire fencing erected with timber posts and ideal for keeping in livestock or keeping out deer. The fencing is quick to install and a great way to fence a large area. Stock fencing can be installed at three feet in height plus and the deer fencing is installed at least six feet in height. Stock fencing is also a good fence to install around the perimeter of your garden if you want to keep your dog from escaping out of the garden. Barb wire can easily be attached to the top of this fence

Post and Rail Fencing

A very popular fence for agriculture and equestrian, but also increasingly used for domestic properties. The fence can be installed from three feet in height to six feet or more, the fence can be installed with three rails as shown in the picture, but two rails are also very popular, and the fence can also have four plus rails. Post and rail can be erected in more traditional materials with rustic chestnut posts and rails, or more modern materials with machined timber. The fence is strong and versatile and ideal for keeping in horses. Additional fencing can be attached to the fence for example an electric wire along the top or some wire stock fencing attached to the side.

Why Us?

We have trained and experienced full-time fencing staff, all our staff are smart and uniformed. We have smart sign written vans and we always use only the best fencing tools from the best manufacturers, this ensures we are efficient with our work and provide the best finish possible.

We understand that every customer is different and every customer has their own specifications for their garden, which is why we are very flexible when catering for our clients.

As well as our outstanding service and satisfaction rate, all of our quotations are free!

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